Is MEI Better for Mathematicians?

We are at the point in our PGCE course where the students get a set of sessions about A level mathematics. It is clear where there is a correspondence between either a strong view of the importance of mathematics as a subject or that A level mathematics can be taught using an open and exploratory pedagogy, then teachers choose the MEI exam for their students. Others are put off by the idea that it may be ‘harder’. What that really means is that it is more mathematical. It requires some thinking, rather than rote practice. The real question is: what will these students be moving on to next? A degree in mathematics is clearly benefitted by working mathematically and a degree in science or engineering is at the heart of the purpose of MEI. It remains a beacon of opportunity for teachers to actually teach their subject. In my experience, entirely in inner city comprehensives, this is always to the benefit of exam results as well as the right thing to do.

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