About Me

About me

I have been a secondary school mathematics teacher since 1983. I have taught in a variety of mixed urban comprehensive schools leading up to a 7 year stint as head of department in South East London. I managed the PGCE course at Goldsmiths for 2 years. I have taught for 4 years in Uganda and Tanzania, teaching school students and working on in-service and pre-service teacher training. I am the co-author of a series of text books for secondary schools in Uganda. Finally, I have managed a variety of curriculum development and educational support projects, including Ocean Maths and Number Partners and I ran London maths events for maths year 2000. I was director of the PGCE secondary maths course at King’s College, London up to September 2016. I now work as a freelance consultant engaging in a wide range of maths education development projects, through my consultancy and maths games shop. See: themathszone.co.uk.


  • Middle management in secondary school mathematics.
  • Dynamic ICT supporting teaching and learning in mathematics.
  • Mathematics, Narrative and Orientation, engaging learners in school mathematics.

Publications C, Olley and Karugaba, J.,  School Mathematics for Ugandan Secondary Schools  Fountain Publishers, Kampala 1993-1999.