Perfomers and Performance

Performers and Performances

Kjartan Poskitt – Books, Shows, Music and Puzzles
Kjartan’s books (including the Murderous Maths series), plays, musicals and hints to the Killer Puzzles.
Rob Eastaway, creative problem solving
Creative problem solving by Rob Eastaway
Maths Inspiration – inspiring events for sixth formers
Inspiring events for sixth formers from Maths Inspiration
LMS Funmaths Roadshow
The FunMaths roadshow is a collection of 300 puzzles suitable for use with schoolchildren, college students, and university undergraduates between the ages of 10 and 20.
Magic Mathworks Travelling Circus
Travelling interactive exhibits for experiencing mathematics through sight, sound, touch and movement. Exhibitions tour schools, museums and science centres in Europe
Millennium Mathematics Project
A project to give support to mathematics education, and to make people of all ages and abilities more aware of the contribution of maths and its applications to their everyday lives
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