Central London Maths Trail

Now that the weather has turned out so lovely, why not do the central London maths trail. I have rebranded it as the ATM/MA London branch trail and corrected all of the errors identified in our try out walk last month. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Click to download a copy of the updated trail in docx Central london Trail or in pdf Central London Trail PDF.

The essential premise of the trail is to walk around an amazing location and look at things with a much greater level of detail than you normally would. You will find things out that you didn’t know and see things you weren’t expecting. The questions really just provide a focus for collecting information and ina world of high speed information you can always check things out on your smart phone as you go round. However, you should store and collect. taking photos and notes of intersting things you see (whether or not they are answers to my questions!) means you can follow up and engage when you get back.

You will be quite tired by the end, the concentration level is surprising, so find a nice coffee shop and fill in as much detail as you can before you forget all the interesting things you’ve seen.

Finally, don’t forget to contribute your thoughts and responses, not to mention your knoweldge of other maths trails at the special sitre we set up just for this purpose: www.mathstrails.org.uk

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