Our Island Life Game

Island Life is a game for ages 8 to 13 (but is great to play by anyone). There are two versions, both of which come with the same board, but are different games with different components.
The board shows three holiday islands with a range of exciting attractions, linked by rail, road and ferry. Naturally, you will be cycling around these dream islands, so you choose a coloured bicycle and rider as your playing piece.
In Island Life buying and banking your aim is to visit all of the attractions on the boards and ‘buy the T-shirt’. You get money by finding odd job spaces and spending some time there or getting a fortunate ‘Surprise Me’ card. You will need enough to cover the cost of the T-shirt and getting in to the attraction, plus rail and ferry fairs. Put your money in the bank for safe keeping and use your debit card at conveniently located ATMs to get it out. So, saving enough, looking after your money and then buying what you need, needs careful planning. The winner is first to the complete set of T shorts and get back to the holiday centre for a well earned rest!
In Island Life budgets and exchange, your aim is to complete tourist challenge tours. These have a series of instructions and a tight time scale. So, first save up enough money, then take the challenge. Some are harder than others, 3 stars down to 1 star challenges. Trouble is the three island all take a different currency, so you’ll have to change your money at the border and allow for the fees. The winner is first to complete 7 stars worth of challenges.
Both games are exciting, immersive and wonderfully realistic with the stresses and strains of keeping your finances on track while on holiday. Children cannot help but get better at planning their money and understanding the need for security, while taking account of exchange rates. For teachers, we have produced a set of notes and additional follow up activities for the classroom, these are free, just ask.

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