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This section will contain items that directly relate to supporting the teaching of National Curriculum topic items.

(The technical bit: They are all  in Microsoft Word 97 format. If you have Word 97 on your computer, then clicking on them will load up the document and launch word so that they can be viewed. I assume that if you have another programme (e.g. wordperfect v8, Lotus Word Pro 97 or Word 98 for Macintosh) that can translate from Word 97 format then the same will happen. I will try to translate the files myself into other popular formats, especially Claris Works especially for Mac users. Alternatively on the PC you can right click on them and save them to a file or on a Mac drag them to your desktop, then you can save them and take them to a machine where one of the programes is available.)

The following are workcards of different numbers of pages (at most 3). They were designed to fill in National Curriculum gaps from SMILE materials we were using.
Nearest Whole Number
Grouped Data
Percentage and Fractional Change


The following are booklets. They are 2 page documents. If you print them back to back, then they fold into 4 page A5 booklets. They were intended to fill gaps in the coverage of key stage 3 work form our use of SMP 11-16 booklets.
Listing Outcomes
Nearest Whole Number