Research and ITE


Centre for Mathematics Education, Didsbury
A Centre for Mathematics Education
The Economic and Social Research Council is the Uk’s leading research funding and training agency addressing economic and social concerns.
Journal of Interactive Media in Education
all articles on interactive media in education are free in HTML and PDF format
Maths on the Web – Index
Math on the Web: A Status Report is a paper that Design Science publishes twice a year to inform the education, science, and publishing communities on what is going on in the Math on the Web world.
Paul Ernest’s Page
A page containing: Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal, More about Falmer Book Series ‘Studies in Mathematics Education’, Advanced Study in Mathematics Education at Exeter, and Papers by Paul Ernest
Philosophia Mathematica Introduction
A journel devoted specifically to philosophy of mathematics.
Professor Seymour Papert
A biography of Professor Seymour Papert
Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge ยป Diane Reay
A biography of Professor Diane Reay
Race, Gender and Educational Desire: Inaugural Lecture – Heidi Mirza (2005) – Multiverse
An article describing a lecture on race, gener and educational desire by an inaugural professor
classroom connectivity in promoting mathematics and scientific achievement
La lettre de la Preuve
Proof, Preuve, Prueba : International Newsletter on the Teaching and the Learning of Mathematcial Proof
CMTP: Changes in Mathematics Teaching Project

Teacher Education

Welcome to ITE Maths
A gateway to support and background material of use to Initial Teacher Education tutors in Mathematics
Association of Mathematics Education Teachers
The Association of Mathematics Education Teachers xxxx.
Graduate Diploma in Mathematics Education – Open University qualification
The Open University online prospectus; Courses & Qualifications – E07 Graduate Diploma in Mathematics Education, The Graduate Diploma in Mathematics Education is for professional development and comprises a series of short courses at honours level on the QAA framework for Higher Education Qualifications

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