Suppliers and Subscriptions


Education Interactive
The only shop in the UK which sells only maths games and puzzles … real specialists!
Chartwell-Yorke Mathematics Software
The principle source for maths education software.
Crocodile clips Crocodile Mathematics
develops and sells educational software and hardware.
Knowledge Adventure
sells educational hardware
Longman Logotron
sells educational hardware
sells educational hardware
The Tutor Website
A wide ranging site principally offering details about tutoring services, but with a great collection of links to other site for maths educators.
TI Graphing Calculators
sells graphing calculators
Virtual Image
software designed to be used on interactive whiteboards, school networks or standalone PCs.
an American company based in Dallas, Texas, USA, renowned for developing and commercializing semiconductor and computer technology.
early years and primary maths resources and professional development
Interactives Home
supplier of hands-on learning resources


Science Studio Shop Calculators Online
Schools! Buy calculators online in the UK from Science Studio in Oxfordshire, UK. HP, Casio, Texas, Aurora and Sharp models available.
Oxford Educational: Calculators
student calculators, scientific calculator, school calculators, graphical calculators, Hewlett Packard, Texas Instruments, calculators for schools, graphing calculator, instructional calculators, key stage 3, key stage 4, higher education
Integrity Services: Educational Calculators
supplier of educational products to schools, colleges and universities thoughout the UK.
Buy calculators at Calculators-Online
Buy electronic calculators, HP calculators, Casio calculators, Sharp calculators, TI Calculators in the UK
Calculators Direct
Buy calculators from Calculators Direct

Subscription Content Sites – learning resources for the UK national curriculum, online lessons, GCSE revision,
online curriculum resource for primary and secondary schools
Maths On-Line
e-learning and teaching resource
Learning Alive – Secondary
The secondary area of the interactive online educational service Learning Alive
Online simulations that power inquiry and understanding.
Interactive Mathematics Programâ„¢
a growing collaboration of mathematicians, teacher-educators, and teachers who have been working together since 1989 on both curriculum development and professional development for teachers.
The 24 Game
The originators of the 24 game and the First in Math programme. (Get the card game from Education Interactive)

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